Order No.  MODEL & SPECS
Guitar of the Week.  #6425.  Custom DS/ 150 / Flamed Koa & Adirondack top.  Abalone rosette.  Bourgeois' distinct Advanced Floral Inlay in Mother of Pearl on the fingerboard.  Triple Bound Ivoroid on neck, head and body.  12 Fret Slothead . 14 Fret .  25.5" scale.  Waverly 3-on-a-Plate tuners with Ivoroid buttons.  
#6428.   Custom DS/ 150 / Quilted Sapele  & Adirondack top.  West African Sapele is not only beautiful and plentiful, but exhibits many of the tonal characteristics we love from mahogany.   Abalone rosette.  Bourgeois' distinct Advanced Floral Inlay in Mother of Pearl on the fingerboard.  Triple Bound Ivoroid on neck, head and body.  12 Fret Slothead . 14 Fret .  25.5" scale.  Waverly 3-on-a-Plate tuners with Ivoroid buttons.  
  #5752.  NAMM Show beauty.  Piccolo Parlor Custom. Really Silky Adirondack Spruce & Madagascar Rosewood.
12 Fret Non-slot head. 25.5 short scale. 1 3/4" nut and 2 5/16" Ebony Small Pyramid Bridge.  Ivoroid body binding. Abalone rosette and abalone top border. Gold Waverly Tuners with Pearl Buttons! Fossil Ivory hand made bridge pins. Boxed Mammoth Ivory buttwedge. One-of-a-kind.   
The Small Jumbo in  Red Gum- Eucalyptus - We've never seen a set of wood like this in our entire lives, nor do we expect to see another.  Click on the picture to learn more 


  #5840. The Luthier's Choice 00. German Spruce top, Tyrolean maple back and sides and an American red maple neck.  This is No. 3 in a Series of guitars we are building this year. You can learn about this one here.

   Custom Bourgeois Blues.  #5456.  Our good pal and great dealer Steve Miklas at Acoustic Music Works in Pittsburgh is pretty famous for having a big thing for mahogany guitars.  He waited a long time to get just the right set of Mahogany for the top to make this a thumping blues machine. Figured Mahogany top, back & sides.  Firestripe Tor-tis pickguard.   Short Scale (25") and X Braced.  Hide Glue too.   Call Steve at Acoustic Music Works for the low down.  Sold.  But another is on order..
Here's what Brian Wolf of Acoustic says about this guitar:

 "About the time it felt like the world was ending I started thinking of the things I loved. There was my wife and children, my cat and my old Martin 00-17.  I was reminded of how the simple ‘17’ series guitars issued in the late 20’s took off around 1933, another time in our history when it felt like the world might be ending.  The 00-17 was a guitar of lasting value at an amazing price.  Well the world didn’t end, and I’m not sure it will any time soon. 

At winter NAMM  we tossed around the idea of a ‘Recovery’ model type of guitar built in the tradition of the all mahogany guitars of the 30’s.  I sent Dana my 1944 00-17 and said, “make us a guitar based in spirit of this guitar that you would be proud of”.  

Dana built us this guitar and it is everything we hoped for with a few surprises, like sustain that goes on forever and a damped down tubby bass that makes you dream of  New Orleans on a warm summer day." 

All Premium Mahogany.  14 Fret , 25" scale.  Tortoise binding.  To round out the vintage look: Ivoroid logo, dots,  Vintage style Waverly Tuners,  and a fantastic price to match the perfect simplicity of the design.


(Brian Wolfe)

 Small Jumbo 25" scale length.  15" Flamed Maple body.  Seriously premium Sitka top.   DB Back strip.  Firestripe pickguard in case.  Snake head with Ebony veneer. I'm not bragging, just stating the truth, Dana Bourgeois makes maple sound like you always dreamed it would sound.  

I have to digress.  My job is seriously cool.  We are living in an age where there are folks around that have been trading, selling, playing and loving everything about guitars for 30 or 40 years. Brian Wolfe at Acoustic is one of them.  He is a virtual encylopedia of the lore and fact and fictions of this great age for guitars. I get to talk to guys like him almost every day and benefit from the years of on-hands experience he and guys like him have with almost every kind of guitar imaginable.  The world of beautiful acoustic guitars is lucky to have shops like Acoustic out there.  Please support your local shop.  Guys like Brian our why we are able to do what we do.  

#5412.   Custom Slope D.  Beautiful Figured Mahogany and Really Bearclaw Sitka.  This is our contribution to "The Sonic Sitka Project".  
We dressed it up for the project. Hide glue constuction. Figured Mahogany B&S to compliment the beautiful Sonic Sitka Bearclaw Sitka top. Matching Ziricote Body binding, Heel Cap, Fretboard, Bridge and Headstock Veneer. Dana Bourgeois Snakehead headstock. New Tile Rosette. Tiny Dot inlay. Fossil Ivory Pins. Dana Bourgeois Backstrip.
  In addition to our label, the guitar has  will have a tiny label identifying it as part of the "Sonic Sitka Project".  It also comes with a Certificate.  The idea is that the owner of the guitar will be welcome to bring the guitar to various guitar shows over the next few years and have sonic measurements taken so there will be a record of the sound progression. 
This is a cool guitar with a cool story and an interesting pedigree.   If you haven't heard about this project, check out this article in  " Acoustic Guitar Magazine" here .  
#5139. The OMS / Adirondack & Cocobolo Back&Sides.
12 Fret Slot head. 25 1/2" scale. Wood tile rosette. Ziricote body binding , Soloist purflings and a striking set of Cocobolo. The DB Backstrip looks wonderful laid out against the sapwood streak of the Cocobolo. We've made it a bit more custom by using our "Tile" rosette pattern. Short patterned Squares & Diamonds inlay. 1 3/4" nut and Ebony pyramid bridge. Waverly 3-on-a-plate tuners with Ebony Buttons.  
  #5147.  Guitar of the Week.  12 Fret Slot Head OMS in European Spruce and Macassar Ebony Back & Sides.   Here's a guitar we don't want you to miss.  I asked Bill over at Artisan Guitars to send me photos after I listened to the wonderful sound clip on their website.   When Tim McGraw's guitar player,  Bob Minner heard the sound clip for this one he called me and said that it was one of the most beautiful sounding guitars he has heard.  Adam is a great player.   It's always a pleasure to work with a shop who has a great player for a manager.  Very tasty sound clips.    Dana loves the OMS and wishes more were out there so folks could experience for themselves how big and warm this little body sounds.  12 Frets to the body with a strong 25.5" scale.  Ziricote body binding with Soloist purflings, rosette and Triangle heel inlay.   
#5442.  Brazilian Rosewood  and Adirondack .  12 Fret Slot head OMS.  #1 in a Limited Edition of Six.    Dana says this is perhaps his favorite model of all.  25.5 Scale Length.  1 3/4" nut and 2 5/16"  Ebony Pyramid bridge.  Ziricote body binding with our new Half Herringbone purfle and Arrowhead backstrip.  Signature wood rosette.  Brazilian Rosewood headstock veneer.  Snakewood Waverly 3-on-a-plate.  Hand made Fossil Ivory Pins. 
#5367.  Parlor Style in Madagascar Rosewood and Adirondack.  25" Scale length.  1 3/4"nut and 2 5/16" Ebony Pyramid bridge newly designed for this model.  New Arrowhead Backstrip and new Half Herringbone purfling.  Ziricote body binding.  Short pattern Fossil Ivory Squares & Diamonds.  Nickel Waverly tuners / Ebony buttons.  Fossil Ivory Pins.  No pickguard. 
#5481. Guitar of the Week.   Our NEW STYLE 0.  Custom DB Signature.  Stunning Madagascar Rosewood paired with a European Spruce top and a Sunburst hand-sprayed by Dana Bourgeois.  Curly Koa body binding.   Dana's Signature Herringbone and backstrip.  If you haven't had a chance to hear these great new little guitars, please see if you can find one.  So inspiring and great fun to play with a 25" short scale.  So much sound from this little guitar, rich full and very responsive.  
           #5318.  15 3/8" Small Jumbo. One of a kind. Beautiful Brazilian and Silky Adirondack top.  Abalone rosette and Style 42 Abalone top border.  Our small shop can only build a couple of guitars a year with these appointments as they are time consuming and exacting.  With Fossil Ivory hand carved bridge pins.   Hand made Tor-tis pickguard.   14 fret. 25" scale.   I was remiss in the picture taking of this gorgeous guitar and asked our friend Joe Caruso to send us pictures. 
      #5222.  Custom Slope D in Adirondack & Flawless premium Madagascar Rosewood.  Mostly DB Signature specs:  Flamed koa body binding, DB Signature rosette, herringbone and backstrip and Snakewood buttons on Gold Waverly tuners.  But with a great addition of our elegant Floral Inlay from the Advanced Slope D.  Bone pins. Firestripe pickguard. 1 23/32" nut and 2.2 Ebony belly bridge to match the Ebony head veneer.
    #5179.  Our OO model with our DB Signature specs.  Adirondack and Madagascar RW picked for TONE by Dana Bourgeois.  Fossil Ivory Squares and Diamonds .  Dana's own Signature Herringbone and Backstrip.  Flamed Koa body binding and Gold Waverly tuners with Snakewood buttons.  Great package on a Short (25" scale) OO body.  Loud, balanced and if we do say so ourselves, beautiful.  Here's a picture of the Queen of Bluegrass, Ms. Rhonda Vincent playing her OO  DB Sig D!  
    #5050.   Prototype of our new 15 3/4" Small Jumbo 14 Fret, 25" short scale.  This is the 2nd in a series of prototypes and the first with a natural top.  We built this one with DB Signature Specs- Madagascar RW and Adirondack. Koa body binding and Dana's Signature Herringbone.  This guitar is loud and balanced and comfortable to play.  Versatile and rich and alive with tone.  
      #4924. Very Vintage Mahogany OM  (OM-V2M) .  VARNISH & HOT HIDE GLUE.  Adirondack top & Killer mahogany.  All Hot hide glue construction and Oil varnish finish (Nitro on the neck for fast action).  In keeping with the Vintage vibe: Ebony wood body binding, butt wedge and heel cap.   1 3/4" nut and 2 5/16" bridge spacing. Vintage 1933 Style Dots.  Waverly Nickel Tuners with Vintage Oval Buttons. Mammoth Ivory Nut.  Ebony pins. Mahogany & Adirondack.  Ebony body binding and butt wedge.  1 3/4" nut with a 2 5/16" ebony pyramid bridge.  
  #4372.  Custom D Cutaway.  Indian Rosewood and Adirondack.  It is loud and has got the best of what Indian Rosewood has to offer.  Here's a picture of  Doc Watson playing his Custom D Cutaway at Merlefest this year.  What else can I say...a picture is worth a thousand words.  

click on photo to see details

#4998.  Vintage Varnish  Mahogany D Custom (V2M- D)    Vintage  vibe with a totally state of the art build.  It needs a heavy player to take it home.  Varnish is not for the feint of heart.  It takes some coddling,  but it is worth it.    Add in this set of Figured Beeswing that Dana  squirreled away just for something this special.  Not to mention this heavily bearclawed Adirondack top.  One of a kind.   The rest of the specs are as follows:  Square headstock. 1 3/4” nut. 2 & 5/16” Ebony belly bridge.  Ebony wood body binding.  Wood rosette. Black line backstrip. Vintage dot inlay. Nickel Waverly tuners with Vintage Oval Buttons.  Hot Hide Glue Construction.  Oil Varnish finish on body.  Mammoth Ivory Nut.  Ebony pins.  This guitar was built for a mighty player.   



#5007. Dana Bourgeois Signature OM in Premium Madagascar Rosewood and Premium Adirondack with Flamed Koa body binding.  Built for 2009 Summer NAM Show.  A beautiful "In-Between" Custom Sunburst. Mad RW is frequently mistaken for Brazilian in both appearance and tone.  As a Signature model, Dana is careful to pick the woods for tone but this one has it all -great looks and great tone. We've made this one even more unique with a hand-sprayed by Dana Bourgeois burst. Certified Fossil Ivory Squares & Diamonds inlay. Gold Waverly tuners with Snakewood buttons, Bone pins and a premium pickguard.  


#5002. Vintage OO.  NEW 

MODEL !  NASHVILLE NAMM SHOW GUITAR.  Adirondack & Richly colored Indian Rosewood.   Incredibly comfortable to play with a great big sound that stays sweet even when you play it hard.   This is the guitar that will make me put down my 1959 00-18.  I'm really excited about it. Traditionally appointed exactly like a Vintage D.  

  #4983.  Prototype.  14 Fret Short Scale (25") OO in Adirondack and Mahogany.  This is a small guitar with a big, sweet mouth.  And look at the adirondack.  Perfect.  I can't begin to say how excited I am to introduce this new model prototype.  I have been asking Dana to build this guitar since 1989.  That's a long time to wait.  But, it was worth it.  This guitar is gonna rock your world.  Really.
                    #4752. BK Slope D (The Banjo Killer).  Bearclaw Sitka & Figured Mahogany.  Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, bridge and headstock.  Custom hand-made Firestripe pickguard.  Custom sprayed Dana Bourgeois "Pale Burst".  

Dana says: " The BK Slope D has a deep, broad tone. Through wood selection and voicing, we push it in the direction of a bigger bottom end, a "lush" top end, and greater volume, similar to the characteristics of Bryan's original BK. When I first started making slope shouldered Dreadnoughts, I went for something as different as possible from the balanced and focused sound of my standard Dreadnought. The Banjo Killer gets me back to that original idea."   

      #4887.  Left Handed DB Signature D in Madagascar Rosewood and Adirondack.  Dana's signature Herringbone trim includes the top border, rosette and back strip.  Fossil Ivory Squares and Diamonds, Gold Waverly tuners, Curly Maple body binding.  And Lefties, how do we show you the love?  No extra charge for a Left Handed Bourgeois!  
                            #4850. Very Vintage Mahogany Varnish & Hot Hide Glue. NEW MODEL PROTOTYPE from the 2009 NAMM Show.  When the label was put on this guitar we still conceived it as some sort of Country Boy - the very first Varnish guitar to be offered.  By the time we got to the show, we had decided this was something really different.  All Hot hide glue construction and Oil varnish finish.  In keeping with the Vintage vibe: Ebony body binding, butt wedge and heel cap.   1 3/4" nut and 2 5/16" bridge spacing. Vintage 1933 Style Dots.  Waverly Nickel Tuners with Vintage Oval Buttons. Mammoth Ivory Nut.  Ebony pins. Mahogany & Adirondack.  Ebony body binding and butt wedge.  1 3/4" nut with a 2 5/16" belly bridge.  
    #4522.  Custom OM with Pale Burst Carpathian Spruce and Mahogany back & sides. 1 3/4" nut.  2 5/16" Ebony pyramid bridge.  Adorned with a simple tortoise shell binding and tiny dot inlay and dressed up by a custom Pale Burst sprayed by Dana Bourgeois and a fabulous Brazilian headstock veneer.  Nickel Waverly Tuners.  Hide Glue. 
#4470.  Custom Dread with Premium Brazilian and Premium Adirondack.  Tortoiseshell Body, neck and head  binding.  Here is something different.  Our friends at Martin Music ordered picked out this set of Brazilian and trimmed it in our Tortoiseshell binding with a purfling of the tiniest white/ black line to set it off.  These little things are what makes a difference.  Check out the figure in the Brazilian headstock veneer and the deep, rich pattern  picked to show off the Tortoise binding on the thick Premium Tor-tis pickguard.  Did you know that Dana decides these details?  Along with the big decisions (like which set of top wood gets matched with which back wood), he decides which headstock veneer  and which pickguard would best compliment the overall look.  
  #4444.  The "Ella Rose" DB Jumbo Style 42.  Brazilian and Redwood.  Custom "Ella Rose" inlay.  To learn more about this guitar click here.    
   #5839.  Custom Advanced Slope D Quilted Maple & Premium Adirondack top.  With a Deco Block inlay.   2005 NAMM guitar. Dana said it is just as dry and mid-rangy as can be... and somehow it makes you just wanna slam the power chords from  the opening Riff of PINBALL WIZARD.  Snakehead headstock.  Bourgeois backstrip.  Triple bound Ivoroid binding on body, neck and headstock. 1 23/32 nut width. Nickel Waverlies. Bone bridge & end pins.  Tor-tis pickguard. 
   # 6080.  The new Celtic Style JOM with a Cutaway.  Figured Walnut back and sides  and Cedar top.  Figured maple bindings.  Dana's new Celtic Knot fingerboard design inlaid in  Bone.  Click here to learn all about this new model.  
THE FOLLOWING LINKS SHOW OUR EXCLUSIVE    " NAMM SHOW COLLECTIONS".  Click on the pictures to learn what we displayed at a particular show.  Check after each listing to see if the guitar is still available.  

Click on the picture to see the NAMM 2012 Guitars! 

Anaheim 2009.
We've been hard at work on two new models for 2005 which we'll show for the first time at the 2005 Anaheim NAMM show.  Check it out HERE.  

   The 2004 Anaheim NAMM Show.  Take a look at the Nine beauties we are bringing to the show.  Including several examples of new models.  More.  


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