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Introducing the L-DBO

Our new L-DBO body, classically styled with modern versatility. We celebrate it with the L-DBO Presentation LE!

Winter NAMM Collection


Winter NAMM 2016

Check out the whole collection, including the introduction of our new L-DBO body shape with the L-DBO Presentation LE!

40th Anniversary


40th Anniversary Limited Edition

A celebratory run of 15 guitars featuring Quilted Mahogany, Aged Tone Adirondack and Snakewood, available as a Dreadnought or an OM.

Featured Guitar


The Last Mammoth at Heartbreaker Guitars

As our Fossil Mammoth bridges are now facing extinction, this is one of the last we will ever produce, on a stunning Style 42 D

Featured Limited Edition

Bryan Sutton Limited Edition Dreadnought

The Bryan Sutton Limited Edition Aged Tone Dreadnought

A re-creation of Bryan’s 1997 D-150, incorporating the look, feel, and much of its broken-in vibe as well.

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